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Iconshock Interview: Tutorial 9 wunderkind David Leggett

Tutorial 9 is one of the most successful examples of web entrepreneurship in the design industry. It has grown in less than two years to become THE place to go for designers and artists to find free tutorials and resources, This marvelous site is just one of the many profitable projects run by under 21, self taught blogger from Atlanta David Leggett. Many of us couldn’t even tie our shoelaces properly at 21, but this guy already has one of the most respected design forums in the web, and has been featured in tons of interviews and “best of” lists. He became interested in computers at age 10, when his parent gave him Adobe Pagemill as a gift.  (I had a Chewbacca at 10. No wonder.) Who would have thought that was the beginning of one of the most rocket rising, fast paced careers in blogging history. Well, I now “blogging history” is less than 10 years old, but, you get the point.
David is a tremendously kind guy, interested in so many things  that I really wish I’d had his time management skills. Besides Tutorial 9, he is responsible for the financial blog for students Use the dollar, and he is cofounder of one of the best User experience blogs our there UX booth. Just type his name in Google to see how he’s all around the place. Check this extraordinary person, David Leggett.

1. Who is David Leggett?

My name is David (Super Awesome) Leggett, and I'm just some ordinary guy really. Not an expert at anything. No Phd. No super powers (sadly). Maybe you know me from my projects Tutorial9 and UX Booth. Maybe Not. I'm 21 years old, and am mostly self taught. My interests are always shifting, but I've probably spent most of my life focusing on web design, and improving businesses online. Otherwise, some passions of mine are learning, coffee, and photography.

2. Tutorial9 was a very premature success in a field plagued with fierce competitors. Why do you think you took off so fast?

From the start, Tutorial9 was not about competing with people, but instead was created to help people learn. When we do something simply because we enjoy doing it, there really is very little room for failure. Tutorial9 was cultivated in this light, and so far it's worked out very well for us!

3. What is the UX Booth? How did you guys (The UX Panel) come up with the idea of UX Booth?

We (the UX Panel) met several years ago, and almost immediately knew that we should be working together on some sort of project as friends. Over the next few years, we met occasionally bouncing ideas back and forth (we actually almost started a photography site instead at one point), and eventually found a joint interest in User Experience Design. We spent some time brainstorming ideas, and learning as much as possible. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

4. I remember that back in the days of gohper, IRC, excite search and AOL, my main interest on the internet was to access the playboy website. Do you remember what was the first thing that got you into "the matrix"?

When I was 10 years old, one of my cousins neighbors taught me how to build a PC, which was probably the coolest thing in the world to me at that point in life. Soon after, my family's house flooded, and we spent several months renting nearby. During this period, I taught myself how to build a basic website, and have been interested in web design ever since.

5. Do you have any special song stuck in your head these days? What do you usually listen to when you work?

I'm actually a really big fan of a local group, Foreign Breakfast, who put on some really amazing live shows. They're working on their first CD at the moment, which is very exciting! There are lots of great bands right now. To name a few on my mind right now: Sigur Ros, Phoenix, Reverie Sound Revue, Bon Iver, St. Vincent, and Beck.

6. Which were the first steps you took to get Tutorial9 out there? What did you do to promote yourself those first months?

Pretty much all of our efforts were focused on content creation. Actually, that's still what we spend most of our time on today! In the long run, valuable content seems to always be the key to success.
Besides being a coffee junkie, David also works with Buysellads.com

7. Twitter or FSS?

FSS? No really, what's FSS? Twitter's great, but give it a few more years and we'll all be moving onto the next big thing.

8. Can you tell us something embarrassing about Andrew or Matthew, your partners in UXbooth?

Absolutely! Did you know that Andrew is SO famous that people have to request to sit next to him at conferences? And Matthew spends a lot of his Summers HELPING children, LOL. How Embarrassing!

9. Where does the Tutorial9 revenue come from? Is the Google Adsense program relevant for your pocket?

Google AdSense is great. Low Maintenance, easy to implement, and for many-a-blogger very profitable. It's weakness? Sometimes it's irrelevant and annoying to certain audiences. I'd say that Tutorial9 is one of those places where AdSense doesn't make the most sense, which is why you won't see many ads from Google there.
Check David’s personal web site “The leggett” where he writes about music, food and other stuff. Don’t forget to follow David on twitter.


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