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Folder icons totally free

Enjoy this carefully designed folder icons, are u tired of your old styled folders ? please try these, feel free to use them in any commercial of free project.



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Iconshock icon sets: original film director icons vol 1

We at Iconshock are big film buffs. If you’d ask us if we had any common love besides Icons, I’d say its film. And that’s way we wanted to pay homage to the most successful and influential filmmakers of all time. This is our first installment, with six of the most talented and box office grossing directors of all time. The set comes in ICO, ICNS and PNG formats, and includes, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, and James Cameron. Which one is you’re favorite?



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The ultimate collection of free movie icon sets

We are very proud we have assembled here a list with the most extraordinary icons you can find on the net. We have only chosen the best of the best. From The Exorcist to The Polar Express, you will find the most rare, amazing and useful movie themed icons in the entire web. Look no further. As the Oscars come near, this is the best way to fuel our expectations. Enjoy!

1. Cinema Sigma Style

This is truly a one of a kind icon set, because each icon comes with 17 add-ons, each one made in the beautiful Iconshock trademark style “sigma”

2. The Addams Family
Silvia Selvi

The Addams Familiy-icons-iconshock
Ta ra ra ran! Ta ra ra ran! This was my favorite tv show as a child. And I have to confess I had a thing for Morticia. Genius icon set by this very talented artist form Italy.

3. Kung Fu Panda
Mhmood Zaidan

This set just has one icon, but it’s full of detail and identical to the movie character. It could easily be an official icon from the Dreamworks marketing campaign. Excellent.

4. Transformers
Pf Yuan

I think both transformer movies were really, really bad, but these icons are the exact opposite! A shame only Optimus Prime is featured.

5. The Bourne Ultimatum
Nic Works

Each Icon is a perfect key feature of the movie. Didn’t expect to find an icon set of this movie. I’m not a fan of the series I must say, but I do like this set very much.

6. Kill Bill
David Lanham

Perfect! This is one of the best Icon Sets ever! The complete set features many more icons besides these, including the Kaboom cereal! Check the detail at the smaller sizes. This is just genius.


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Best 100 free social media and web 2.0 icon sets

I want to show you the most original and beautiful icons web 2.0 style ready for download. Use them wisely dear readers, and please show your love for their talented creators writing on their blogs and telling them how cool their art is.

0. Iconshock Social Icon Set


Click on image to Download


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Earthquake prevention icon set

Tragedies like the one that Haiti is suffering remind us of how fragile our life is, and the importance of prevention. Anything can happen to anyone, anytime. This is a small contribution to make us remember the importance of being prepared. We hope you can share them with the people you know.

How to help Haiti Victims – information and resources

Juan S
iconshock founder




01/02/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

100 most creative folder icon sets

Personally, I think folder icons are the most useful of all the icon sets you can think of. Designing a good folder set requires special taste and inventivity, since they are so embedded in your operating system, and so continuously clicked, that a poor design can be obtrusive and disfigure your computer entirely. Contrary to the movie themed icon list I made last week, were the selection was difficult due to scarce sources, finding folder icons was like shooting fish in a barrel. (not that I ever shot a fish. Nor a barrel. In fact I haven’t shot anything in my life outside Halo)

The difficult part was to debug the humongous quantity of low fi stuff. I think I saw almost 500 folder icon sets for three straight days to get down to a hundred, and if I didn’t have a deadline, I would have probably continued this list to 200. I am really proud of this selection, being my longest top list so far, and really expect you readers out there to dig your icon hungry fangs in each set.

Rejoice, this is the longest list of this particular kind of icon sets on the whole web till date. (hope Smashing magazine isn’t reading)

So, Without further ado… Enjoy!

1. Rise for Windows

Vincent Garnier

Click on the Image to download

2. Christmas Folder

Vincent Garnier

Click on the Image to download

3. Avalon

Wil Nichols

Click on the Image to download

4. H2O


Click on the Image to download

5. Eclipse


Click on the Image to download

6. Zero


Click on the Image to download

7. Somatic Rebirth

The Iconfactory

Click on the Image to download


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Political characters vol 1

Right wing, left wing… extremists, dictators and madmen. Party junkies and power addicts. The good, the bad and the ugly. We have them all here, Iconshock’s first volume of the most controversial and talked about political leaders of this year.



28/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free iconshock E-Commerce icon set

This week’s freebie set is a beautiful icon set that you can use in any of your commercial projects. The style and feel is perfect to make your business site stand apart from the crowd. Please leave us your feedback about the design so we can improve our creations.

TEMPLATE customfiles
Download after the juump :)


28/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free social icons

Drum roll…..

So, here it is, Iconshock’s first blog exclusive freebie!

We are beginning here a new tradition, a humble and honest way to pay back to all our kind readers. From now on, we will be giving away each week a special Icon set designed exclusively for the blog audience.

Hope this gift soothes all of you “monday-phobics” out there.

Stay tuned to our Typography series…

Download after the juump :)


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Ready for the unavoidable December shopping spree? Iconshock brings you this cool set ready to use on your web sites and applications.



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What are you people going to do for Halloween? One thing I loved to do when I was a child was to watch with my friends horror films until midnight. I remember that for me, the Exorcist was the freakiest of all, it spooked me so much that still after all these years Regan’s eyes still give me the chills.

To honor all those wonderful horror films that are delighted by thousands of people on this night, Iconshock wanted to give you this treat. Five icons of the most scary and creepy films of all time. What are your top 5 horror films?



27/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free hardware and gadgets icon set

We are experimenting with a new design here, both simplistic and modern. Icons included are Iphone, Hp Touchsmart, a Generic PC, an imac, and a Samsung Cellphone. I wonder if there is any Iconshock reader out there who actually owns all this stuff at once.



27/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free iphone icon set

At last! The time has come for all you itchy,twitchy, hyper anxious, Iconshock fans out there! Yesterday we gave away a nice mobile set, and today, we are going to give exclusively to our blog members a fresh new iphone set real vista style. These were created with the new Apple iphone 3Gs in mind, but look equally stunning on other devices. In fact, I don’t own an iphone, but am going to use them anyway. Vector sources included!

Are you going to do anything special this weekend?

Good luck.



26/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

100 incredible (and free) System replacement icon sets

Ok folks… this is it, the fifth straight hundred top list. I made it! I won the bet! Hope you readers stayed with me all the ride for these past 5 weeks, and expect I did make your wait worth it. This is my favorite list of all, because it comprehends all the essential icons to entirely remake your OS. These sets are the ultimate, complete resource for fulfilling all your interface makeover needs, and I’m proud to say that inside this post you will undoubtedly find THE best icons in the world. If you want to find the most far out, out of this world, sick and insane icon art, look no further; GUI champs included. So… what are you waiting for? GO ahead and download everything you can handle, in the meanwhile, after five weeks of research in front of a computer, I think will be asking some doctors how to bring my ass to my normal shape again.

Take care. Have fun!



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100 Best hardware and gadget icon sets on the net

Ok friends, now it’s four in a row. Hurray for me! Four top 100 lists in a month, only one away to make the 500 straight. I had a very good time assembling this list in particular, specially because I discovered the work of “starvingartist” with his antiseptic video game system icon set, which I truly believe is one of the best icon sets I’ve reviewed on the blog ever. There are many other gems as well, as I featured the works of well known artists and regulars like Hans Christian Løberg, Booby Perux and Javier Ocasio. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned researching for these large lists, is that no matter your field, you can never consider yourself the best of your trade. You can feel deep inside that you are good, but never be so foolish to think there is no one better than yourself. It’s so obvious that there is so many people creating stuff in this world that you will be surprised every time you take a peek at what’s happening out there. Get inspired, sit back, and enjoy!

1. Fat

Click on image to download


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