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The ultimate collection of free movie icon sets

We are very proud we have assembled here a list with the most extraordinary icons you can find on the net. We have only chosen the best of the best. From The Exorcist to The Polar Express, you will find the most rare, amazing and useful movie themed icons in the entire web. Look no further. As the Oscars come near, this is the best way to fuel our expectations. Enjoy! 1. Cinema Sigma Style Iconshock
This is truly a one of a kind icon set, because each icon comes with 17 add-ons, each one made in the beautiful Iconshock trademark style “sigma”
2. The Addams Family Silvia Selvi
The Addams Familiy-icons-iconshock
Ta ra ra ran! Ta ra ra ran! This was my favorite tv show as a child. And I have to confess I had a thing for Morticia. Genius icon set by this very talented artist form Italy.
3. Kung Fu Panda Mhmood Zaidan
This set just has one icon, but it’s full of detail and identical to the movie character. It could easily be an official icon from the Dreamworks marketing campaign. Excellent.
4. Transformers Pf Yuan
I think both transformer movies were really, really bad, but these icons are the exact opposite! A shame only Optimus Prime is featured.
5. The Bourne Ultimatum Nic Works
Each Icon is a perfect key feature of the movie. Didn't expect to find an icon set of this movie. I'm not a fan of the series I must say, but I do like this set very much.
6. Kill Bill David Lanham
Perfect! This is one of the best Icon Sets ever! The complete set features many more icons besides these, including the Kaboom cereal! Check the detail at the smaller sizes. This is just genius.
7. The Devil Rejects Screasel
Gore fans rejoice! I love Rob Zombie movies and was very pleased that a thoughtful fan out there delighted us with such a bloody set. The recycle bin definitively is a winner.
8. Wall E Comtesse
This is the biggest Wall E set in the whole net. You won't find all the characters together anywhere else.
9. The Matrix Trilogy Dave Brasgalla
The Matrix-icons-iconshock
This is a complete system replacement icon set based on the Matrix trilogy. Perfectly well made, with great use of lighting and texture. This guy is too good. The set includes drives, folders, file types and much more.
10. The Lady and the tramp Iconshock
The lady and the tramp-icons-iconshock
Yet another incredible set from Iconshock in their “lumina” trademark style. This one includes 5 icons with 17 add-ons each. And needless to say, it’s the only set based on this Disney Classic in the whole net.
11. 2001 a Space Odyssey Mischa McLachlan
This is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I have looked for a high quality set for quite a while. Everything in these icons is just perfect. 16 highly detailed icons in every format.
12. Full metal Jacket Dennis van Lith
Full metal jacket-icons-iconshock
Another classic Kubrick film on the list. Beautifully made icon, almost identical to the famous poster. Just incredible. I would add more adjectives but I'm hungry and have to go to lunch.
13. Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull Anthony Piraino
Kingdom of the crystal skull-icons-iconshock
Anthony Piraino is one of the best icon artists in the world. His Icons are impressively well made, full of rich colour and lighting. This set is one of the best in the list.
14. Wall E Michael Flarup
Who can resist this pair? This is one of the most charming movies ever made, and surprisingly, it has inspired many icon sets despite the intricate details of its characters, specially Wall E. This set is half realistic, half illustrated, sort of like the concept designs used in art departments. Bravo!
15. Star Wars Yellow Icon
This is the best and most extensive set you can find about Star Wars in the whole Internet. Just fabulous. I specially love the details on the spaceships. 17 icons included.
16. 300 Louie Mantia
4 icons with a beautiful soft finish from the blockbuster movie 300. A shame only 4 icons are included.
17. War of the Worlds Dave Brasgalla
World of the worlds-icons-iconshock
Good movie overall, but I did expect Spielberg gave it a better ending. Gorgeous set made by icon master Dave Brasgalla. 10 icons including trash can, folders and other system replacement icons. Haven’t found any other sets of this movie.
18. Ratatouille Iconka
Small set of 5 icons. The level of detail and similarity to the actual film characters is astonishing. These guys from Iconka make such captivating and charming icons, you can feel the love they pour into each pixel.
19. The Evil Dead 2 Greg Barnes
Evil Dead 2-icons-iconshock
This movie is one of the best horror films ever; Cheesy, freaky and gory. Who can ask for more? This set is well made and faithful to the movie. 11 icons included.
20. Monsters Inc. Iconshock
This is one of the most detailed and perfectly made Icon sets on the Iconshock freebies rooster. This icon set should be part of the official downloadable goodies from the movie. 5 icons with 17 add-ons each.
21. James Bond Dr No Hrvoje Bielen
James Bond-DrNo-icons-iconshock
This set is really a rarity. 7 incredible icons of one of the best Bond films ever. Beautifully made, with great texture and lighting. True, little works of art.
22. Back to the Future Yellow Icon
Back to the future-icons-iconshock
This movie rules! The team behind this set must be above their 30's and listened to The clash and AC-DC in their teens. Perfect set. 7 icons included.
23. The Nightmare Before Christmas Louie Mantia
Nightmare before Christmas-icons-iconshock
13 beautifully made icons of Tim Burton’s animated masterpiece. All main characters are depicted in the same portrait style.
24. The Fight Club Mischa McLachlan
The fight club-icons-iconshock
Incredible work! One of my favorite icon sets listed here! The soap, the penguin…Everything is in here! Rock on dude, you are a genius! Great set from a great movie.
25. Flushed Away David Lanham
Flushed Away-icons-iconshock
Beautiful set. The well crafted detail is not lost when downscaling. 8 colourful icons included.
26. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Anthony Piraino
The temple of doom-icons-iconshock
Anthony's series of Indiana Jones is the best you can find in the Internet. This set comes with 10 icons with system replacement elements like trashcan and users.
27. Attack of the Clones Talos Tsui
Attack of the clones-icons-iconshock
Extremely beautiful set of Starwars ships. I'm still hungry, so my brain can't communicate fluently the admiration I have for this work.
28. Finding Nemo Iconshock
Finding Nemo-icons-iconshock
One of the most beautiful sets about this perfect movie. All the expression and charisma of the characters are very well captured in these icons. 5 Icons with Add-ons.
29. King Kong Dave Brasgalla
King Kong-icons-iconshock
Dave Brasgalla is a synonym of huge quality. All his creations are superbly detailed, with a soft, yet distinctive touch. This is the only Kong set on the whole net. A real gem.
30. Wall E Louie Mantia
Walle Eva-icons-iconshock
18 drive icons of the most adorable couple. Icons feature Airport, Internal drive, USB and others.
31. Aeon Flux Jay Wang
Aeon Flux-icons-iconshock
15 system replacement icons based on the popular animated series. The Network icons are a blast!
32. Transformers JJ.Ying
Highly detailed set of 4 icons that you can use either as system replacement or buddy icons. Check out the bumble bee icon, it’s fantastic. A shame the movie was a waste of incredible effects and concept design.
33. A Bug’s Life Iconshock
A Bugs Life-icons-iconshock
Massive set of 120 icons in “Lumina Style” depicting the characters of Pixar’s epic tale of bravery among the tiniest creatures.
34. V for Vendetta Dave Brasgalla
V for vendetta-icons-iconshock
Outstanding set of 6 icons based on one of the most controversial and still relevant comics by Alan Moore.
35. Halo JJ.Ying
Halo has been a project long pursued by Peter Jackson. It was going to be the directorial debut of Neill Bloomkamp, but as the project collapsed financially, the pair turned out making the surprise hit “District 9”. Now Halo is rescheduled for 2012. Cross your fingers and in the meantime, enjoy this marvelous set of 10 icons.
36. The Blair Witch Project Posmedley
Blair witch-icons-iconshock
This movie scared the shit out of me, and I’m not easily scared. In fact I could count with the fingers of one hand the movies that have really scared me in my life. Imagine my surprise when my mom told me she laughed all the way. Freaky.
37. Freddy vs Jason Seifito
Six icons with bloody and clean versions. Marvelous set based on a not so marvelous movie.
38. Marvel Heroes Onur Mermer
Simple and effective glowing style for this 9 icon set based on the popular superheroes form Marvel. Perfect for user avatars.
39. Cool Head Icons Kidaubis
Kidaubis is one of the most awesome icon artists around, and we have featured him many times on our lists. He didn't disappoint with this cool head icon set. 8 Wonderful icons included.
40. Warner Bros. 878952
This is a very faithful depiction of the logo of one of the most popular film and tv studios of all time.
41. Clone Commanders Louie Mantia
Clone troopers-icons-iconshock
Another amazing set depicting almost every clone trooper imaginable from the epic movie Star Wars. 12 icons included, each one with extraordinary detail and great finish I may add.
42. Mission: Impossible! Dave Brasgalla
Mission Impossible-icons-iconshock
Another rarity by Dave Brasgalla. This is a homage to the classic T.V. series from the 60’s. 20 icons with vector sources included.
43. Film Director Icons Vol 1. Iconshock
Directors vol1-icons-iconshock
Six of the most talented and box office grossing directors of all time. The set includes George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, and James Cameron.
44. Ratatouille Jose Luis Farfán
Very cool system replacement based on Brad Bird’s genius movie. 14 icons.
45. 4 Super heroes Kingyo
Great superhero set made by this GUI champ winner. Too bad there only four icons.
46. Aeon Flux Markdelete
Cool vector style icon set with 6 icons. Comes in sitx format.
47. Lilo Mhmood Zaidan
Great line and shading work for this icon based on the Disney character. This set only has 1 icon.
48. Pirates of the Caribbean Louie Mantia
Small well made set from this Blockbuster from Disney. I really don’t find anything interesting about the movies, to me its a mystery how they have done so well.  This pretty cool, but still a bit disappointing. No jack Sparrow.
49. Superheroes Silvia Selvi
Another well made set by this talented Italian designer. 12 icons included. This set is perfect for buddy icons, avatars and other related social media uses. She should do a system replacement set. She’s just too talented!
50. Lord of the Rings Alexander MacLean
Lord of the rings-icons-iconshock
11 icons form one of the most successful book adaptations to film. Check out the fine detail on the sword or on Gandalf’s hat. These icons are truly amazing.
51. The Polar Express Anthony Piraino
The polar express-icons-iconshock
Great use of perspective and texture in this 6 icon set from the movie that started all the motion capture 3D madness we are living today. Very consistent and high quality set.
52. Clone Wars Brock
Clone Wars-icons-iconshock
Massive set of 52 icons based on the Star Wars series by Genndy Tartakovsky, which I think is way better than the new one. Beautiful high quality icons.
53. The Lord of The Rings Dave Brasgalla
Lord of the Rings Trilogy-icons-iconshock
This is one of the best system replacement icon sets I’ve ever seen. Incredibly detailed 24 icon set based on the epic tale. Each folder icon, each document file icon is made with tremendous detail and care. Consistent, eye popping and professional.
54. Batmobiles Talos Tsui
Wonderful pixel art work in these 5 miniature icons portraying the rides that the caped crusader has used through time.
55. Lord of War Nicolas Yu
Lord of War-icons-iconshock
A real rarity to find an icon set from this Nicholas Cage flick. 8 icons included. Excellent detail and finish. One of the best sets in the list.
56. The Simpsons Anton Gerasimenko and Egor Zhgun
11 icons based on the most popular animated series of t.v. The detail and illumination of this set is simply outstanding. Check out the reflection between the trashcan and its top.
57. Harry Potter Iconka
6 outstanding icons form the bestselling J.K. Rowling books.
58. The Lovely Bones Myrto Orfanoudaki Simic
Lovely Bones-icons-iconshock
Good example of 3D rendering applied to icon industry. 5 icons based on the dramatically beautiful novel by Alice Sebold.
59. Star Trek Iconfactory
15 icons based on the latest revamp of the famous TV series.  How do you say “extraordinary icons” in Klingon?
60. Akira Tez
Incredible depiction of Kaneda, the main character in the Anime hit “Akira”. Great detail, almost identical to the movie vehicle. The set even has the small version in a different angle, as it should be. Perfect set.
61. Star Wars Myrto Orfanoudaki Simic
Star wars-icons-iconshock
7 icons included. Each icon is a true work of art. Check for example the details on the stormtrooper’s helmet. Haven’t seen them installed though. I’d wish to check how how they look at small sizes.
62. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Art Anthony Piraino
Indiana Jones raiders-icons-iconshock
What can I say, just look at the details on the hat, or on the ark. 11 icons included.
63. The Aristocats Mhmood Zaidan
Beautiful depiction of Toulouse, one of the most adorable characters from this Disney classic. Only 1 icon.
64. The Emperor’s New Groove Gedeon Maheux
Emperor's new groove-icons-iconshock
18 icons based on characters and symbolism of Disney’s modern Classic. Well defined icons with high contrast and clear definition at smaller sizes. Consistent work overall.
65. I Robot Jairo Boudewyn
I robot-icons-iconshock
I really was disappointed by this movie version of one of Asimov’s all time masterpieces. But this icon set is incredible! 5 hard-to-get icons included.
66. The Godfather Manuel Sanches
The Godfather_icons_iconshock
Really wonderful set, vivid and precise. This is one of my personal favorites of the list. It’s a shame there are only 3 icons.
67. Iron Man S.Shek
One, ultra cool icon full of texture and detail.
68. Iconshock Horror movie icon set Iconshock
Horror films-icons-iconshock
To honor all those wonderful horror films that are delighted by thousands of people on Halloween night, Iconshock wanted to give this treat. Five icons of the some of the most scary and creepy films of all time.
69. A Christmas Story Anthony Piraino
A Christmas Story-icons-iconshock
This is one of the few movies on the list that I haven’t seen yet. But by the look of this icons, it must be a hell of an inspiration. Marvelous and detailed icons with clear edges and distinctive details even at smaller sizes. 7 Icons.
70. Harry Potter Anton Gerasimenko and Egor Zhgun
HarryPotter Stone-icons-iconshock
10 high quality icons based on the most famous wizard in contemporary film. Check out the crispiness and the highlights.
71. Starships X Corey Marion
8 icons with depicting the different versions of one of the most popular spaceships of film and T.V.
72. Captain America Jairo Boudewyn
Captain America-icons-iconshock
Joe Johnston, director of Jumanji and The Wolfman is said to be the man behind the wheel of the upcoming movie rendition of this famous super hero created by Jack Kirby. The set includes 6 very cool and eye popping system replacement icons.
73. Pumbaa Mhmood Zaidan
One super detailed icon based on this adorable character from The Lion King.
74. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Anthony Piraino
Indiana Jones and the last crusade-icons-iconshock
8 icons from one of the best movies of the saga.  The set even includes Sean Connery’s hat! Outstanding colour and volumetric feel.
75. Monsters Inc Louie Mantia
Monsters INC-icons-iconshock
This set has it all! The scream canisters, Boo’s door. Everything! 8 marvelous icons based on the Pixar film.
76. Napoleon Dynamite Eric Merced
Napoleon dynamite-icons-iconshock
5 icons based on the characters of this hilarious low budget coming of age comedy.
77. Warcraft Dave Brasgalla
Another set from an upcoming film. Sam Raimi (Spiderman) is set to direct this epic tale that promises to be the next Avatar. Wonderful icons made by Dave Bragalla based on the popular videogame. 10 icons included with trash cans, folders and documents.
78. Movie Icons James Peng
Movie icons-icons-iconshock
Very useful icons for your media libraries or movie folders. 4 icons included in PNG format. Slick, bluish finish that can look good anywhere.
79. Star Wars Vehicles Myrto Orfanoudaki Simic
star wars ships-icons-iconshock
Outstanding 3D rendered icons that will really make your dock jaw dropping. I don’t know why 3D isn’t used so often in icon design. Well used, it’s a powerful tool. 8 icons portraying spaceships from all Star Wars movies.
80. Harry Potter Artua
Small system icon replacement set of 4 icons from the blockbuster movie and bestselling book.
81. Tron Anthony Piraino
8 icons of the geekiest, most influential film of the 80’s. This is one of those films that resists with dignity the passing of time. 8 wonderful icons with the trademark quality of Piraino.
82. Wonka Industries Louie Mantia
Louie Mantia strikes again with this 13 icon set based on the world of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory.
83. Dr. Who Gedeon Maheux
Dr who-icons-iconshock
8 icons based on the very popular British T.V series and movie. You can find everything here, the Dalek, Jamie’s mask, the super screwdriver… this set is amazing.
84. 300 Markdelete
Well made set cut out icon set. Could benefit with some more wear and tear though.
85. Alien Markdelete
Another cool cut out set. Only for MAC users.
86. Ghost in the Shell Dave Brasgalla
This is one of my favorite movies of all time, and brings to me many good memories. These Icons are just perfect. The best on the Internet about this great animated feature.
87. Star Wars Talos Tsui
Amazing pixel by pixel icon set. This is pure art.
88. The Phantom Menace Dave Brasgalla
How could he stuff a detailed character as princess Amidala in such a tiny space?Holy s@!& look at the droids!
89. Evil Dead 2 Yazbo
This set is well made and faithful to the movie.
90. X Men 3 Markdelete
Beautiful set, with the most kickass characters of the movie. Nice edges. I think it can be used with a wide array of colours.
91. Spiderman 3 Markdelete
One of the best Spiderman sets around. I specially like the black Spidey over the building.
92. Hackers Digiboy
Can you believe this set is the only one about this movie in all internet?
93. Superman Returns Markdelete
Not a set to go nuts about. This is the weakest of the list.
94. Batman Begins Markdelete
I checked this icon set well, and saw little artifacts on the edges. Please report if the same happened to you.
95. Ironman Icontoaster
Very well crafted Icon. Comes in a damaged version, but this one is better.
96. A life Aquatic Markdelete
Another cut out set from an incredible movie.
97. Gremlins Metamorfosis
Adorable Gizmo character from the film, depicted in a flat, non perspective manner. Comes in ICNS and ICO formats.
98. Frankenstein Dan Wiersema
Far out email icon called “Frankenmail” Very professional work, with separate bitmapped versions for the smaller sizes.
99. Austin Powers Dave Brasgalla
Austin Powers-icons-iconshock
Another wonderful work of bitmap art from the best pixel by pixel artist in the world. Did you loose your mojo baby???
100. Transformers James Peng
Soundwave was not always that aluminum shrimp we all saw in Michael Bay’s flashy, sometimes awesome, and just plain stupid translation of the 80’s animated series to the silver screen. This set contains three versions of one of the earliest versions of this beloved character.


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