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Programmers pack vol 1

A couple of months ago, one of our faithful readers asked us to make a series of icons designed specifically for programmers, since we have made all kinds of stuff for designers and artists… Well, here they are, Iconshock’s original series of developer icons. This pack contains float, Linux, Database, API and Gear. I know a large part of our audience is going to be thrilled. If you think these are cool, wait for Vol 2 and 3!



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  1. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    October 6th

    Nice set G….Looking forward to vol’s 2 & 3…..I know the designers/programmers will be happy, I remember that request…Good – JOB now any chance of some Iconshock icons for our icon folders, Maybe one for each of the free styles you offer? My Mom always said, “it doesn’t hurt to ask ” The worst that can happen is you’ll say “No”

  2. VeektorNo Gravatar
    October 6th

    Beautiful green tones in this set! MUCHO Thank You’s to IS for sharing this with us!!

  3. This looks great! Thanks IconShock! I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2 and 3. Thanks!

  4. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    October 6th

    Glad you liked them Veektor. Keep commenting please, we really keep going because of people like jjay, Sherwood, Owl, You and Matt who comment regularly and show appreciation about our work. I can’t thank you enough.

  5. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    October 6th

    Do you have a twitter account Matt?

  6. nice, very green. im assuming that like the other series each set will be a diff shade?? im curious what shades ull come up with next.

  7. At last some love for us programmers!

  8. KirstenNo Gravatar
    October 30th

    Very nice set! Love them!

  9. RBAYGIRLNo Gravatar
    November 5th


  10. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    November 5th

    Thank’s RBay girl for coming back to the blog. Long time no see.

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