16/06/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Payment methods icons

Another great vector set, including lots of payments methods, high quality icons ready to use in your project.


3 Responses to “Payment methods icons”

  1. JC | Resrource HiveNo Gravatar
    June 23rd

    Great icons and really useful. Thx! I posted them up on my Resource Collection site @ http://resourcehive.com/2010/06/23/payment-method-icons-icon-library-iconshock/

  2. I do not see a way to download the set. how does one download anything from the collection?
    the link does nothing but send you to the other page on the site also with no downloadable link whats up with the way that works its just an endless loop how do you download the icons?

    In my opin the system is broken … any one else have this problem?

  3. superstarNo Gravatar
    July 19th

    very good,thanks!

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