07/04/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Payment icons

A great set of payment icons, with an original perspective, very useful in your websites. These icons were designed to our frinds of speckyboy magazine :)



16 Responses to “Payment icons”

  1. iconoclastNo Gravatar
    April 9th

    the coolest, greatest, etc. thanks!

  2. Steve O (gswd)No Gravatar
    April 9th

    Interesting icons set. Although you did leave out a few like Amex and Discover.

    Also, it appears that your new blog theme is not quite right. These comment/reply boxes are overflowing their borders.

  3. adminNo Gravatar
    April 9th

    We are going to release a new set with all the payment methods available :)

  4. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    April 10th

    Nice set Jp, saw it last week but I was away on vacation, just got back and downloaded it! Thanks :)

  5. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    April 11th

    @gswd Yes you are right. We are trying to fix that.

  6. Merlino DanieleNo Gravatar
    April 26th

    Cool!!really Cool! Can I use on my personal site?thanks in advantage

  7. paola lozanoNo Gravatar
    June 10th

    Thanks a lot, very useful, i’ll recomend this website on my blog :)

  8. Quick Transcription ServiceNo Gravatar
    November 23rd

    kindly add transcription Services icons…

  9. christianNo Gravatar
    February 15th

    very good

  10. do you have the full set of these icons?

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