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ipad vector GUI elements: tabs buttons menus icons

Another great freebie from iconshock, this set contains almost all ipad UI elemments, including buttons, tabs, menus, keyboard, balloms, etc etc... very useful for designers and developers, it includes scalable and totally editable vector versions (adobe illustrator), enjoy it and spread the word twitting and stumbling :)

ipad vector buttons GUI
Download after the jump :)

Well, we hope  you really like it, it was designe according apple guidelines, please sporead the word bout this, thanks for your comments

Download ipad GUI elemments vector included


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  1. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    April 20th

    Nice set Iconshock, I don’t have an iPad but I’m sure those that do will love it…Good1st set. Congrats!

  2. iconoclastNo Gravatar
    April 20th

    simply awesome! these might come in handy on my next web design… alas, no ipad, but still useful… thanks!

  3. MarcoNo Gravatar
    April 21st

    This is absolutely great mate – well done. Great for mocking iPad things, could be really useful.

    Off the record, I really like the “fingerprints” 😛 .

    Keep up the great work!

  4. RichieNo Gravatar
    April 21st

    I’m searching for the Paypal donate button and I can’t find it anywhere 😉

    You guys rock. This will be so useful. Its neatly done. Thanks a ton for sharing this 😀

  5. juan iconshockNo Gravatar
    April 21st

    Thanks for your comments :) we hope it could be useful in your future projects.. and yes marco, fingerprints are great ! :)

  6. Sean FarrellNo Gravatar
    April 21st

    These are great, thanks much. This will help with the new app I’m working on

  7. LenkerNo Gravatar
    April 21st

    Very nice set of elements. Thanks for sharing.

  8. PaulNo Gravatar
    April 21st

    AWESOME !! thanks, it will save hours

  9. juan iconshockNo Gravatar
    April 22nd

    great you like it :)

  10. JosieNo Gravatar
    April 23rd

    This blog is excellent! The articles are always amazingly well written the freebies are just the best!

  11. ximiNo Gravatar
    April 23rd

    This is a great set of vectors, extremely useful for app developers and even web designers that want to create iPad specific versions of their web sites.

    Thanks so much for this, I’ll make sure to spread the word about this!

  12. iconshockNo Gravatar
    April 23rd

    josie, thanks for your words :)

  13. waineNo Gravatar
    April 24th

    Awesome quality post.

  14. Merlino DanieleNo Gravatar
    April 26th

    Thanx Man this set is awesome and useful!!

  15. That GuyNo Gravatar
    May 24th

    This is nice. I don’t have illustrator though. Any chance on getting a PSD? :)

  16. Kate MagNo Gravatar
    May 24th

    Thank you so much for iPad vector GUI elements

  17. ShadowNo Gravatar
    May 25th

    This is quite simply, the best iPad GUI set I’ve ever seen, this is amazing!

    Whoever made this should not of released for nothing!

    This is professional stuff, and will be sure to spread the word!

  18. adminNo Gravatar
    May 25th

    tahnks for your nice words :)

  19. adminNo Gravatar
    May 25th

    Uhmm.. I think you can get the PSD by importing it into photoshop, it could work.

  20. VictorNo Gravatar
    May 27th

    I’m not seeing a licence specification… (maybe I missed it?) Under what licence are you releasing these files? MIT, GNU, something else?

    Could someone use these icons for a for profit purpose? Or will anything that touches these icons have to be released for free as well?

    Thanks, great work!

  21. GarmahisNo Gravatar
    June 1st

    This post is featured on 40 iPad tools, tips for designer

  22. PaulNo Gravatar
    June 7th

    iPhone OS (aka iOS as of this morning) uses Helvetica though, not Myriad….

  23. TomNo Gravatar
    July 14th
  24. richardNo Gravatar
    August 13th

    Great stuff – thanks.

  25. RebeccaNo Gravatar
    August 19th

    Those look really useful.

  26. Vector Open StockNo Gravatar
    September 16th

    Thanks really helpful!!

  27. Thanks

  28. fernando
    September 30th

    Muchas gracias!!!!

  29. Hi
    These are awesome. Many thanks used them on my web store. Just checking ok for commercial use?

  30. Grazie, Thanks, it’s very useful. g.

  31. I will be using some of these. Thx for sharing. They are wicked.

    More vectors here – http://vectorbuttons.com

    VectorButtons.com be launching officially on January 1, 2011 and adding multiple ORIGINAL vector buttons and icons daily so check it out.

  32. April 20th

    Nice set Iconshock

  33. PaulNo Gravatar
    March 15th

    These are fantastic! Excellent work! :))

  34. OzkarNo Gravatar
    March 18th

    Is very useful, thanks

  35. SomdutthNo Gravatar
    April 8th

    gr8 man awesome stuff Thankssss

  36. awesome!

  37. plectroNo Gravatar
    June 4th


  38. ZalakNo Gravatar
    June 9th

    Am not able to download the set. Can anyone help?

  39. LunaNo Gravatar
    July 6th

    This has saved me a ton of time. Thanks for sharing this set.

  40. Extremely helpful, thanks!

  41. Thanks this is really helpful

  42. OMG!! I absolutely love you guys!!! This is fantastic!!

  43. Liena AifenNo Gravatar
    February 22nd

    Cool stuff, nice fo share.


  44. mingyueshan
    July 11th


  45. raganNo Gravatar
    July 26th

    thank you very much! very useful.

  46. Thanks  a million really going to help with our iPad application!

  47. JuanpNo Gravatar
    January 28th

    Thanks for all your comments guys !

  48. andres omsNo Gravatar
    January 28th

    Wow, amazing pack, thank you guys !

  49. KashifNo Gravatar
    April 16th

    wawao… I was looking for these designs, thank you so much to share with us. This is the best i found here.

  50. adminNo Gravatar
    April 16th

    Glad you liked them Kashif.

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