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What are you people going to do for Halloween? One thing I loved to do when I was a child was to watch with my friends horror films until midnight. I remember that for me, the Exorcist was the freakiest of all, it spooked me so much that still after all these years Regan's eyes still give me the chills. To honor all those wonderful horror films that are delighted by thousands of people on this night, Iconshock wanted to give you this treat. Five icons of the most scary and creepy films of all time. What are your top 5 horror films?



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  1. Thanks for the set.

    For me, my all time scare was the first time I watched “Carrie”. Right at the end of the movie, when the hand comes up out of the grave, my Grandmother walked into the room and said something which startled me.

    Of course the alien eruption/birth in the first “Alien” movie was probably my best ‘in theater’ experience.

  2. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    November 1st

    OMG, This is your best post EVER, I LOVE these….that’s what I’m talking about every time I hunt for Halloween icons, perfect icons, Please Please do a Freddy , a Michael, and a Jason, and a Chucky, and a Frankenstein and any other horror film character you can think of. Please? Ok, I went nuts, sorry, I apologize, perfect icons are so hard to find, especially on horror flicks and these are PERFECT. Ok, I’m calm now.
    OK, I’m with you G on the exorcist………from the past that is.
    The Shining scared me big time, But the original Halloween series with Jamie Lee Curtis are my all time favorites. I saw the first one Halloween night and had the creepy jeebies for a few nights afterwards. LOL and that’s what I did this halloween night, I watched horror movies til midnight. {{{* *}}} Thank you and a big hug for these!

  3. i LOVE that they included a clown! That’s sooooo awesome!

  4. ZandorNo Gravatar
    November 2nd

    The best Halloween themed icon set I have ever seen anywhere! Just when I think that I have seen the best you have to offer from out of nowhere you post this icon set, and in time for Halloween to boot! Iconshock is certainly full of surprises when it comes to this blog and this is certainly a rare and unique icon set masterfully designed. The detail that went into these icons is really amazing. Thank You to all involved in making such fantastic icons and sharing them with the online community.

  5. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    November 2nd

    Thanks for the kind words Zandor… IS is very glad you liked it. Which are your top five horror films?

  6. ZandorNo Gravatar
    November 4th

    I have gotta go with the classics when it comes to horror/scary movies G.
    1. Psycho (1960)
    2. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    3. The Exorcist (1973)
    4. Halloween (1978) although Rob Zombie has done a great with the the re-booted film franchise.
    5. Alien (1979) I am eagerly awaiting the new Ridley Scott Untitled Alien Prequel (2011)

  7. RBAYGIRLNo Gravatar
    November 5th

    love these, thanks so much!!!

  8. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    November 5th

    My top 5 horror films are:
    1. The Exorcist
    2. The Blair Witch project
    3. The Descent
    4. Drag me to hell
    5. Dawn of the Dead

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