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Free social icons

Drum roll….. So, here it is, Iconshock’s first blog exclusive freebie! We are beginning here a new tradition, a humble and honest way to pay back to all our kind readers. From now on, we will be giving away each week a special Icon set designed exclusively for the blog audience. Hope this gift soothes all of you “monday-phobics” out there. Stay tuned to our Typography series…
Download after the juump :)
Fell free to use them in any project, click to download


42 Responses to “Free social icons”

  1. MattNo Gravatar
    June 1st

    Wow, this is really great. I really can’t wait to see what more IconShock has in store for future blog only icons. I really hope that we can see some free sets in all of the various Icon Styles that IconShock has available (Particularly Sophistique, which is a beautiful style).

    Thanks for the great set.

  2. ZandorNo Gravatar
    June 2nd

    Very nice set of icons dedicated to social networking. I look forward to what is next. Cheers… (^_^)

  3. SvizyNo Gravatar
    June 2nd

    This is sick! I haven’t seen a better social set in my life! I hope we’ll get more of such sets 😛
    Great job everyone 😀

  4. Elnitido52No Gravatar
    June 2nd

    Thanks for this great Social Set!!!
    Looking forward for the next!!!

  5. G. PiñerosNo Gravatar
    June 4th

    Thanks for watching! I invite you to come by and check out the other articles of our blog, since, well, I began loosing my hair because of the countless hours writing. Thank you very much for your input. Rock On my friend!

  6. G. PiñerosNo Gravatar
    June 4th

    Hey! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. Your compliment just made us blush:) Come by any time and read our articles so you can tell us your opinion.

  7. G. PiñerosNo Gravatar
    June 4th

    Come back anytime! Your nickname seems latin. Were are you from?

  8. Sven
    June 5th

    I agree, very nice and a total different approach too.
    Take care!

  9. WileNo Gravatar
    June 8th

    Why this is not available in the IS “free icons” section ?

  10. WileNo Gravatar
    June 8th

    BTW, they rally look great, got them !

  11. Elnitido52No Gravatar
    June 9th

    Hola Piñeros! Soy de República Dominicana. Tu apellido es latino tambien, no? Un abrazo!

  12. G. PiñerosNo Gravatar
    June 9th

    Hola nitido como vas? Cool to have Spanish speakers reading us. Do you have any suggestions for future posts? Is there something you might want to know about?

  13. G. PiñerosNo Gravatar
    June 9th

    Hello Wile! How are you?
    We are giving one icon set exclusively through the blog. These sets are going to be different from the ones we give away through the community. So I guess you’ll have to torture yourself with the silly nonsense I write here:) Good luck man!

  14. JorgeHPMNo Gravatar
    June 16th

    Wow! Looks awesome!!

  15. Paulette
    June 17th

    Thanks for the freebie! Everyone has to love a freebie right! And I love the fact that they are different for the free sets offered. Keep them coming!

  16. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    June 23rd

    Very Happy you liked the freebie! Take a peek at the other articles and tell us what you think. I’m anxious to have you around as a regular. BYE!

  17. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    June 23rd

    Thank you very much Jorge for commenting! Saw your webpage and I liked it a lot. We are eager to have your company as clients someday. Stay in touch and keep the good work.

  18. AnthonyNo Gravatar
    February 20th

    thanks perfect

  19. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    February 20th

    Thanks Anthony for passing bye! How did you know about us?

  20. Anonymous
    March 4th


  21. Mike SmithNo Gravatar
    March 4th

    WOW, FREE and a quality that fits todays look! I will be spending much more than just time on this quality icon website. Thanks for the freebie.

  22. Anonymous
    March 14th


  23. ThemisNo Gravatar
    March 14th

    thank you!!!!

  24. abdi
    March 16th


  25. Bloodii
    May 2nd

    So Niiiiiiiiice Icons thx alot

  26. AndyNo Gravatar
    May 3rd

    These are amazing icons, very generous of you to give them away.

    How much would you charge for a LINKED IN version in this same style?

    thank you.

  27. MertNo Gravatar
    May 12th

    çok teşekkür ederim çok güzel iconlar

  28. Anonymous
    May 14th

    great icons, good tast

  29. eschmidtNo Gravatar
    May 27th

    I really like the icons, but would need a Linked In icon to use the set.

  30. Özcan GünayNo Gravatar
    July 4th

    really look great, got them !

  31. Lee CookNo Gravatar
    December 2nd

    Fantastic set of icons. Thank you very much. Any chance of doing one for Linked In as well?

  32. Is there an icon in this style for Google+ yet?


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