27/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free iphone icon set

At last! The time has come for all you itchy,twitchy, hyper anxious, Iconshock fans out there! Yesterday we gave away a nice mobile set, and today, we are going to give exclusively to our blog members a fresh new iphone set real vista style. These were created with the new Apple iphone 3Gs in mind, but look equally stunning on other devices. In fact, I don’t own an iphone, but am going to use them anyway. Vector sources included! Are you going to do anything special this weekend? Good luck.



5 Responses to “Free iphone icon set”

  1. ZandorNo Gravatar
    June 12th

    Thanks for the new icons G. I do have an iPhone and I will put them to good use. I am still on the fence on whether to upgrade or not to the 32 GB model.

  2. NewKreationNo Gravatar
    June 12th

    These look terrific! Thank you for the new icons. I will be looking for opportunities to use them on my HP 4700.

  3. gswdNo Gravatar
    June 12th

    Thanks for the gumball Mickey! Oh wait, that’s something entirely different.

    I guess this would be:

    “yo G, thanks for the hook UP!”

    Now I can stop my twitching…….wait I mean Sherwood and cnshck can stop there twitching. :)

    @Zandor – what I have heard, is that if you are happy with the one you have, and it is a 2nd generation one (so you already have the GPS system) then there is less of a reason to upgrade. If you have Gen1, then there is more of a reason.

    I’m waiting to find out more about the video capture on the new one. Will it be available as part of the software upgrade? or did that require a new camera chip? I mean officially I am still 1.5 years away from being eligible for an upgrade discount.

  4. G. PiñerosNo Gravatar
    June 15th

    Hope you keep filling that gumball machine with plenty of dimes pal! Did you have one when you were a teen?

  5. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    June 23rd

    Special thanks to the guys of new kreation for commenting. God Bless you!

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