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Free incredible 3d software icon set

3d Software is like a miracle in technology, it has changed the graphic design and film industries forever, and has empowered many other fields, like medicine and gaming. The weird part is, that many 3D applications have ugly icons. It seems as if the genius programmers ended up so exhausted, they didn’t want to invest a couple of hours more into the design of a cool icon for their apps. We searched a lot and found that there are not many artists making 3d software dock icon sets or filetype icons. It is almost impossible to find free icons for powerful and popular packages like Mudbox and Modo, so we wanted to honor those great tools, giving to their users another possibility to revamp their looks and aid their creativity. I wish you a good weekend. Sorry dear readers if I’ve been silent these days. Check out my post on the 100 list of file type icon sets and you will figure out what I’ve been up to. Enjoy these sets. They are really, really rare.



4 Responses to “Free incredible 3d software icon set”

  1. Mario ZabaletaNo Gravatar
    July 4th

    Best set ever!

  2. Jjay
    July 6th

    Ahh! That explains why u havent replied to the reply i sentcha!

  3. Jjay
    July 6th

    btw u know those little chairs that rock on the ground like a cresent moon shape? The page files look remenicent of the chair seat. They’re so cute I just wanna sit in em!

  4. DamienNo Gravatar
    July 31st

    These icons would look great on Ubuntu, I don’t think they would fit in on Windows, their to clean.

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