28/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free iconshock E-Commerce icon set

This week’s freebie set is a beautiful icon set that you can use in any of your commercial projects. The style and feel is perfect to make your business site stand apart from the crowd. Please leave us your feedback about the design so we can improve our creations.
TEMPLATE customfiles
Download after the juump :)
Click here to download the icons


10 Responses to “Free iconshock E-Commerce icon set”

  1. Bucket Swing SeatNo Gravatar
    September 28th

    C’est magnifique!

  2. Came for the smurf houses, stayed for the ecommerce. Of course, I do have to wonder that if these were designed for use on a website, as opposed to someones local system, why you would include the .ico and .icns files. Web browsers don’t read those, do they?

  3. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    September 29th

    They are in ico so you can use them as system icons or as images in your website. If you want a PNG or a jpeg out of them , you have to download a program like icofx. Ther eis info on that program and others in this post http://icon-library.iconshock.com/design/how-to-create-and-apply-a-favicon-to-your-website/

    and in this post


  4. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    September 29th

    Now this is awesome G…Kudos to the IS maker…….This set makes me want to sell something on the internet, just so I can use them…hmmmm now what could I sell? Keep up the good work! I love it!

  5. May I just say: outstanding?! :)

  6. i like the slate green tint, n the shopping basket works well for my retail folder. thx guys!

  7. gswd u came for the smurf houses out of ALL the icon sets they made???

  8. Iconfreak
    October 17th

    Don’t know… The guy looks like a mime or something. Don’t like this set at all.

  9. AngelaNo Gravatar
    October 23rd

    I totally agree! The guy does look like a mime! jaja

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