04/03/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Free icon sets global warming advices

Here another set of free icons, just some advices to remember you how important is this, out them in your computer to remember it each day ;) And spread the word !!



40 Responses to “Free icon sets global warming advices”

  1. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    March 4th

    Sweet set G, Now I hope it’s still you…where ya been? Thanks for posting!

  2. Web Design KentNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    Nice collection, very clean and I’m sure to use! Thank you

  3. DodieNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    That printer one’s awesome! I keep on complaining to my classmates how they unnecessarily print stuff… :( Environmentalism FTW! \m/

  4. juan iconshockNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    @Sherwood Juan and G always behind this blog 😉

  5. juan iconshockNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    @dodie me too here at office :/

  6. David LemusNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    Wow Great Icons, Nice message, I know exactly where I`m gonna use them! Thanks Iconshock for this great freebie. Keep going with the good work :)

  7. Peter MarshalNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    Water is Life! I love that one :) The bandaids are great way to give the message! Love this freebie… thank you Iconshock team

  8. Ronald TerryNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    I keep telling everyone I know how important is to take care of the planet, Now I have a great way to show them How to do it. Thanks Iconshock for this great “green” Icons…. Keep releasing things like this…. Please

  9. anistonben@gmail.com
    March 5th

    Thanks Iconshock, we are now used to your great free Icons… This are great social warning images 😉

  10. Thomas JonesNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    Great work Iconshock team!! Thanks… you are giving us great tools to remind everybody about Global warming….. Awesome freebies

  11. ChethStudios Design MagazineNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    Neat Icon set, I like the cause behind this icon set.. hope to see more of such freebies..

  12. juan iconshockNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    @cheth thanks, did u see the eartquake prevention icon set ? a similar one: http://iconlibrary.iconshock.com/icons/earthquake-prevention-icon-set/

  13. fenrizNo Gravatar
    March 6th

    great set, iam looking for something like this, thans for share

  14. ErkanNo Gravatar
    May 20th

    These are really impressive icons. Great job. Thanks

  15. adminNo Gravatar
    May 25th

    thank you for your kindly words :)

  16. HorakungNo Gravatar
    July 12th

    Thank you ,

    i love it This is good icon

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