09/03/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Free icon sets: 55 user icons part 1

Cirpy set of user icons, useful for profile applications, avatars, lists or whatever you want :) feel free t use them in any commercial or persnal project, remember to mention iconshock :)



18 Responses to “Free icon sets: 55 user icons part 1”

  1. fenrizNo Gravatar
    March 9th

    wow, nice share iconshock, thanks for this

  2. js3cNo Gravatar
    March 10th

    Fantastic!, now if you could just give us the little guy who appears at the top of the IS page too 8~)

  3. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    March 10th

    LOL Now this is Sweet! :) Thanks guys…..Can’t wait for the next set, Hope I’m in it!

  4. ProjectsNo Gravatar
    March 12th

    Thank you guys for comment! We`ll keep sharing a lot of great stuff with you :)

  5. ZandorNo Gravatar
    March 12th

    Wow my Iconshock avatar is in this set but I am missing my best friend Sherwood who surely deserves a to be a part of this wonderful collection. I hope that there is going to be a second set released with the missing avatars.

  6. Expersys Web DesignNo Gravatar
    March 13th

    Cool icons guys – I use your icons regularly. Always great quality and always a fantastic range to choose from!

  7. EnricoNo Gravatar
    March 13th

    very cool icons! Any chance of 64×64 versions too? Thanks.

  8. LarkNo Gravatar
    March 13th

    Man, those are some ugly icons

  9. juan iconshockNo Gravatar
    March 14th

    @lark it’s a shame you feel that… in our free icon section for sure u will find something according to ur taste :)

  10. what he hellNo Gravatar
    March 14th

    what the hell is this.. i have never seen such a disgusting set of icon pairs and how come all these imbeciles are praising this like helll… icon shock i usually love ur collection but this one sucks

  11. thomasNo Gravatar
    March 17th

    Great set. Love the Pharaohs. But I wonder where to use something like this.

  12. Jjay
    March 25th

    Wow, im so used to seeing them so tiny that i missed most of them. im looking n wondering how long they been there n i skimmed over them. i feel guilty now

  13. KeithNo Gravatar
    June 29th

    Very nice! Thank you!

  14. rustomNo Gravatar
    March 5th

    Are these icons in Free icon sets: 55 user icons part 1  
    free even if I use them in a commercial game?

  15. adminNo Gravatar
    April 10th

    Hi there! We’ll be glad to give you some more detailed information on that matter. Please feel free to contact us at help@iconshock.com We look forward to hear from you soon.

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