20/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Free icon set twitter icons

Tweet tweet! This week we are giving away a free set of 5 icons with everything you need to get your blue bird flying and your followers flowing. We made a cute little fellow that can fit well with lots of web site styles, form minimalistic to colorful and overcrowded. Oh, and BTW. don't forget to follow us on twitter. If you people haven't noticed, we are giving from 30% to 40% discount once a week to all our purchases through our twitter link, so if you get bored with my daily nonsense, there's still a cool reason to follow us.



10 Responses to “Free icon set twitter icons”

  1. I believe the link is wrong, or April Fools Day has moved to November. The file that I get when I click on the image above is “IS_programmers_icon_pack_vol_1_86565421663845456794963″.

  2. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    November 14th

    the link is wrong…no twitter birds in that link..:(

  3. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    November 14th

    Link fixed. Thanks guys for telling me. Anything you want to see on the blog next week?

  4. How about since we are coming into the big holiday shopping season, what about stuff dealing with ecommerce? You know, shopping carts, payments methods, security issues and/or options.

  5. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    November 15th

    We already made an e-commerce set. Did you get it?

  6. ZandorNo Gravatar
    November 18th

    How about an improved set of Christmas icons? Like Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Ebenezer Scrooge just to name a few. Something holiday themed that better relates to the season and time of the year. It is just a suggestion though nothing more. I wish I could use these on my iPhone. The bird is like a compilation of the fail whale and the little Twitter bird.

  7. haha! it matches me! I have a big head. my friend tanya has a little head n shes wicked tall. big joke is we should switch heads but shes black n im white n that would look even funnier!

  8. Amazing twitter birds! Thanks Iconshock.

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