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Free adobe icon set vol 3

We have noticed that many of you readers liked the 100 top adobe free set list. (yeah, at the office we are still talking about that) so, we wanted to add Iconshock’s own pride to it and we made this pretty innovative freebie for all of you. Enjoy it and tell us your own ideas for improvements for the upcoming Vol2.
Download after the juump :)
Click here to download the icons


8 Responses to “Free adobe icon set vol 3”

  1. iconoclastNo Gravatar
    August 10th

    iconshock, your talents seem unlimited… gotta love the new hexagonal adobe icons… thx for the photoshop elements (pse) icon, for those of us ‘lite’ or ‘hobbyist’ artistas! kudos!

  2. iconoclastNo Gravatar
    August 10th

    my vote is for the disk design (vol 2), first choce and the hexagonal design (vol 3) second choice.

  3. My vote is for Vol3 – hexagon. It has the most unique look to it. The volume 2 – Buttons is also good, but kind of ordinary. My main issue with the Volume 1 – cubes is that they remind me more of “packages” which would be good for installable items, but not for the working everyday files.

  4. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    August 10th

    I agree with gswd, I like Vol. 3 the best, looks distinguished to me….you can get rounds and squares anywhere…but Hexagon. Good job team iconshock! :)

  5. ooo shiny!!!

  6. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    August 13th

    Oh come on guys. You can do better that this. Only five comments? Where is everybody?

  7. they’re devouring their sets without commenting…per usual

  8. Like the first volume better.

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