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Earthquake prevention icon set

Tragedies like the one that Haiti is suffering remind us of how fragile our life is, and the importance of prevention. Anything can happen to anyone, anytime. This is a small contribution to make us remember the importance of being prepared. We hope you can share them with the people you know. How to help Haiti Victims - information and resources Juan S iconshock founder




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  1. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    January 19th

    Thank You Juan S for posting, How appropriate for you to spur a gentle but wise reminder of things we should have handy in any emergency. This is an awesome set and it reminds me that I don’t have a whistle in the house. I will look for one or two during my next shopping trip. My heart goes out to those in Haiti and they are in my prayers.

  2. adminNo Gravatar
    January 19th

    Thanks sherwood, we have a heartquake warning here in Bogotá Colombia for about a year, these are just some opf the recommendations we have heard …

  3. I love the idea, n so many ppl have needed help there n a lot have responded to the call in between donations, supplies, and personal assistance. N the set is lovely too!

  4. oddFroggNo Gravatar
    January 19th

    We had an earthquake in Ohio a couple of years ago. Of course nothing like what has happened in Haiti. This is a practical (and beautifully rendered) preparedness reminder. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. btw, i like ur new icon package previews. They show more of the detail in your icons so all the subtle work shows up when its bigger. I dont know what oatmeal raisin cookies have to do with stroke networking but id love one!

  6. RbaygirlNo Gravatar
    January 20th

    love this!

  7. JohanNo Gravatar
    January 21st

    haha when will this crazy trend of making iconsets for EVERYTHING end:D hopefully never:P

  8. Creative ideasNo Gravatar
    January 21st

    Fantasti icons. Thanks

  9. ScyfoxNo Gravatar
    January 21st

    Is it Earthquake or Hearthquake??

  10. Maicon SobczakNo Gravatar
    January 21st

    Very beautiful icons. A great resource.

  11. Calítoe.:.No Gravatar
    January 21st

    A “hearthquake” is an earthquake in your heart or in your hearth? Nice icons though. :)

  12. Anonymous
    January 26th

    Very, very beautiful.

  13. Megan SchmitNo Gravatar
    December 27th

    fantastic set!!

  14. BilalNo Gravatar
    January 21st

    Thnx for this great icons. I’m from Turkiye and we had 2 big earthquakes in 1999, the second one was happened in my hometown Düzce. I want to make a simple information site about preparation of earthquakes. I’ll credit you when i finish it. Thnx again..

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