22/01/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Common software file types vol 2

Hello Icon Lovers! Just check out the lovely colours and details of this new set designed exclusively for our Blog readers. Almost all multimedia files are covered here in this brand new style. Please give us some feed back and tell us if you like this approach. They look pretty distinctive at small sizes, and can harmonize with both dark and light interfaces. Overall we think it’s an excellent set, but we need your comments to develop it further. Stay tuned for the fifth “100 free” icon set top list later today.



6 Responses to “Common software file types vol 2”

  1. SooziWooziNo Gravatar
    July 17th

    Another great set, thanks chums

  2. gswdNo Gravatar
    July 17th

    Good artistry. I liked the detail with the spiral notebook style edges. I do, however, think that the style does limit it’s available uses to a school/education type of theme.

  3. jjay
    July 17th

    i disagree gswd, i think it gives it a homemade flavah, like an artist’s sketchbook… very nice colors add spice to that handdrawn feel. GJ

  4. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    July 22nd

    Hello Jjay darling! Sorry I haven’t made the time to catch up with your kind comments. I’ve been such an indifferent bastard I don’t deserve such a sexy and loyal reader. You have always been a doll. Can you forgive me?

  5. iconoclastNo Gravatar
    July 23rd

    Love it! Thanks!

  6. richenNo Gravatar
    August 3rd

    Greate! Than you for sharing:

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