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Adobe suite free icon set vol 2

Hello Icon lovers! As you might know, this blog is for sheer experimentation of styles for high quality icon sets. All suggestions are accepted. We decided to publish an Adobe Suite icon set of our own, thinking not on unity but rather in style and innovation. We gave out our Vol 1 in a cube shaped style, and this week, we are turning to a translucent oval kind of theme. Your feedback is tremendously important for us, because it’s based on your comments that we are improving and launching new designs. We have a team of 5 designers only working on these experimental sets, so make your voices be heard and tell us what would you like to see posted here. Until next time. Keep on reading!
Download after the juump :)
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7 Responses to “Adobe suite free icon set vol 2”

  1. iconoclastNo Gravatar
    July 30th

    G-these are way cool, even cooler than the cubist version. Could you provide photoshop elements, photoshop, acrobat, illustrator, etc in this format? or maybe a layered .psd file so we can make our own? Thanks a lot for the fantastic icons!

  2. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    July 30th

    Hello Iconoclast! We could make the complete Adobe Suite in this style if there is enough people asking for it. Let’s wait and see.

  3. SherwoodNo Gravatar
    July 30th

    Hey G, I like thr rounds much better than the cubes! Nice set.

  4. gswdNo Gravatar
    July 30th

    I like these round ones better than the cubes as well. Tho they do look a bit like a throat lozenge.

  5. Jjay
    July 30th

    they look that that weird stone puck thing the canadians like to sweep ice in front of! But they’re the cutest versions of that puck thing i’ve ever seen!

  6. Jjay
    July 30th

    gswd if they’re lozenges than id suck on em! we got sour apple, strawberry, blue berry, grape, and snozberry (remember willy wonka??)

  7. martin LeblancNo Gravatar
    July 31st


    Great icons!

    Can I add them to Iconfinder? I can’t see the license anywhere.

    Best regards,
    Martin Leblanc

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