26/06/2009 - Blogger.Iconshock

Holy folders free folder icon set

So, did you like the 100 folder list last week? We know you guys just can´t have enough, so we are giving away an awesome folder set just for our blog readers. I know my posts are the best solution around for insomnia, so I want to give you another extra reason to stay tuned to my weekly nonsense. From now on, the icon set we will give away on the blog will be in a brand new, unissued style, totally departed from the Iconshock usual commercial and free stocks. This is a really special thing we are doing as payback to your support and comments. Each week we will feature a different designer from our staff, and each artist will have total aesthetic freedom in order to give each set a unique trademark. I am preparing my brains and my soul for three straight days of loud Rock and Roll at the “Rock al Parque” festival, the biggest free rock festival in the world, so I will be back on Tuesday. Wish me luck! I hope you have a nice weekend.



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  1. MattNo Gravatar
    June 26th

    VERY cool. I look forward to seeing the future releases in ‘brand new styles”. Will this be a testing ground for new IconShock styles? If so, there should be some sort of rating system added to the blogs…

  2. jjay
    June 28th

    oh sweet honey mustard!

  3. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    June 30th

    Hello Matt! You are right, this is going to be a testing ground for new commercial styles, but we want to find a unique style for the free weekly set as well, so we are all kind of in trial and error process. There are thousands of things we have to do to improve our blog, but we only have one engineer in the staff right now and the poor guy will soon have to grow a new arm out of his butt to keep up with all the work around here. Add to that the “bob the builder” mood we are in for almost a month now. But we will add the stars. Promise. Thank you very much for your ideas. If you have any more, let them come.

  4. MattNo Gravatar
    June 30th

    Hi Blogger.Iconshock. That’s cool. I really look forward to seeing what comes in the future. One more suggestion I could think of is that if you’re going to be “showcasing a new artist” each week or whatever with these sets, it would be really cool if you told us something about them. I’m particularly interested in who works on which commercial sets. Overall I’m really liking the amount of community involvement IconShock is creating now. It’s really great.

  5. KirstenNo Gravatar
    October 30th

    Very cool! I can’t wait to give these a spin.

  6. RashidNo Gravatar
    December 12th

    windows 7 icon is very good and atractive

  7. Blogger.IconshockNo Gravatar
    December 13th

    Thanks very much Rashid for coming by.

  8. jinsz
    April 10th


  9. adminNo Gravatar
    April 27th

    :) it’s always great to share some love

  10. Anonymous
    May 7th

    wonderful…….I love it!

  11. kingterrors
    May 25th

    thx for your sharing, i love these icons~

  12. PeterNo Gravatar
    November 6th

    Great icons. I would use one of them on my website as a logo. I am allowed to do so?



  13. thanks a lot !!! 😀

  14. XaviorNo Gravatar
    August 5th

    Do you have these in .eps

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