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14/09/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Design kit icon set

Great icon set based on your must have kit of design elements



27/07/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Social icon set moleskin style

Amazing social icon set inspired in the classic moleskin journals specially designed for our friends at



06/07/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Apple gadgets icons

An awesome icon set containing a series of high quality Mac icons, ready to be implemented in your different projects with the classic quality level that we have always been providing. Enjoy it and please comment about it.



16/06/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Payment methods icons

Another great vector set, including lots of payments methods, high quality icons ready to use in your project.



28/05/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Camera icons

A tiny set of photography related icons, very useful for your photo applications, please stay tuned to get more great icons like these :)



18/05/2010 - admin

Vector social beaker icons

Here we go, with another set of social icons, this time this quality vector icons we designed for our friends of  :) Download after the juuuuuuuuump !



12/05/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

100 free web elements sets

To be successful, every web and app designer has to communicate ideas to clients in a clear and effective manner. You can’t have clients imagine your ideas, the client has to SEE them. Web site mock ups are the perfect way to pass on your ideas so they can be approved or modified easily and efficiently. Here we have listed the best Graphic user Interface elements in the web. (GUI) From icons, to buttons, menus or scrolls, you will find everything you need to build your fancy mockup. In the case of icons, there are some of such high quality, that including these in your final designs is a must. Your blog will look a million bucks with these fantastic freebies.  So carry on and skim through these wonderful resources created by our community’s finest designers.



1. Bitcons by P.J. Onori

Massive set of 120 icons in 16×16, 32×32 & 64×64 pixels in 10 different colors.


07/05/2010 - admin

55 Original Vector twitter icons

Hey friends, we have just released one of the bets freebies for your social media development, A massive set of more than 50 twitter icons, with the best quality, And to make this even more impressive, they include vector sources in Adobe Illustrator, Can u beleive it? Ok, download it after the Jump :)



20/04/2010 - admin

ipad vector GUI elements: tabs buttons menus icons

Another great freebie from iconshock, this set contains almost all ipad UI elemments, including buttons, tabs, menus, keyboard, balloms, etc etc… very useful for designers and developers, it includes scalable and totally editable vector versions (adobe illustrator), enjoy it and spread the word twitting and stumbling :)

ipad vector buttons GUI
Download after the jump :)


07/04/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Payment icons

A great set of payment icons, with an original perspective, very useful in your websites. These icons were designed to our frinds of speckyboy magazine :)



29/03/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Great quality social icons

This is a beautiful set of 10 social media icons, use them wherever you need, even in comercial or personal projects, these icons were designed specially for tutorial9.



25/03/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Tiny social icons

5 Tiny icons ideal for your social networks, created exlusively for the great speckyboy design magazine… enjoy and use them in your future projects :)



09/03/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Free icon sets: 55 user icons part 1

Cirpy set of user icons, useful for profile applications, avatars, lists or whatever you want :) feel free t use them in any commercial or persnal project, remember to mention iconshock :)



04/03/2010 - Editorial.Iconshock

Free icon sets global warming advices

Here another set of free icons, just some advices to remember you how important is this, out them in your computer to remember it each day 😉 And spread the word !!



21/02/2010 - Blogger.Iconshock

Political characters vol 2

If you thought our first volume had controversial characters, you’ve haven’t seen nothing yet! These are double the nasty, double the fun!

This set includes Russia’s very own Vladimir Putin, French president slash celebrity Nicolas Sarkozy, Uruguay’s face of new hope José “pepe” Mujica, Tourism entrepreneurs Fidel and Raul Castro, Afghanistan’s puppet- sorry president Hamid Karzai, famous ladies lecturer Mu’ ammar al Gadhafi, Israeli president and Nobel prize winner Shimon Peres, and China’s iron leader and Google’s best friend Hu Jintao. Icons come in ICO, PNG and ICNS. Btw, I’m only joking. These are very respectable leaders, and they all deserve a place in heaven beside Ginger Rogers and mother Teresa of Calcutta.



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