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Computer icon history: a complete review


Icons are fascinating pieces of work. They are graphic elements that need to keep a balance to give stability to the design. A computer icon is a graphic symbol that helps users understand all kinds of messages in a computer, serving the same purpose of a traffic sign on the street. They are part of the graphic user interface of any system, and they were the first design element that changed the way users interacted with computers, leaving aside text based user interfaces to replace them with clickable graphics, reducing the amount of time users need to think before they proceed. (more…)

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What’s new in icon design?


Every day emerges a new way of designing things, although they might not be recognized due to various aspects. However, when they do, they become trends to the point of tiredness. But we’re not here today to establish trends in icon design. What we’re going to do is to analyze 5 concepts of designing icons, new characteristics or “patterns” that could become relevant, and the characteristics concerning new paradigms. (more…)

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Creating a mobile app icon in less than 30 minutes


Humans are nostalgic by nature. A few months I started to get captivated by the simplicity and beauty of flat design, and I started experimenting with it. But now I think some things are better represented in a realistic way. Simplifying things to it’s minimum is a great option due to the nature of our current devices, which even though they’re fast, they’re not as fast to handle lots of data from different sources and in different sizes and shapes. Skeuomorphic design had its glorious days, and everyone who know a bit about design is assuming it dies. Well, nostalgically, I think we still need it, but that’s a matter of another article. That’s why in this guide I will create a skeuomorphic icon for a mobile app resembling the icon of the Mac Mini. It is a simple icon to create since its shape can be assembled within the confines of the iOS 7 app icon grid. Also, its sleek and clean design makes it look very nice. And for those flat design lovers there’s also something, so let’s begin. (more…)

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Outlining iOS 7 icons: the ultimate flattening


Just for fun, there are times when you want to embody some of your ideas playing with somebody else’s creations, and nowadays, iOS 7 is probably the mobile OS people has proposed improvements for the most. This is basically because we all want, at some point, to see at least one of our ideas implemented in major updates of a widely spread product. On the other hand, another most subtle reason is because Apple messed up in some parts of the design, and somehow we see ourselves as crusaders on a mission to save them from this, but hey, is not our work to remember that every time we publish a post, but to propose improvements to the elements we think are wrong, so that’s what we’ll do today: since I enjoy creating outlined icons, I will outline some of the native apps icons of iOS 7. (more…)

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iOS 7 Icon Colors: improving user experience


Colors in iOS7 are part of a “trend” that has both detractors and backers since its release this year. First, those who rightly criticize it, argue flaws in some defining aspects of the OS, hard to ignore for the design community; on the other hand, those who support Jony Ive’s experiment, tend to play the “nobody cares” card, which is a little sloppy but still accurate in the way that regular consumers don’t care about this, focusing instead in other aspects of the product like the fact that it’s a novelty. In this article,  we’ll show you how Apple implemented colors in iOS7 icons, how it affects and benefits the usability of the OS and identify those icons that need an improvement, and improve them!


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Simple guide to creating outlined icons


Outlined icons are right now more useful than ever. Not only because of flat design, but for the great amount of web and mobile apps which have been created. These types of icons are sleek, awesome creations, which we all should learn how to make, even if it is for fun. So with that in mind, this article will guide you through the process of creating an outlined icon in adobe Illustrator, which can be fully understandable. (more…)

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Google Glass Interface: Simplifying Icons



It is 2013, and Google still hasn’t established a release date for its most awaited and reviewed product. They have us waiting for a device that can be as revolutionary as it would be a failure: Google Glass. But, what is it anyway? And why it has become so popular? Google Glass is an Android based headset that connects to the Internet through a phone via Bluetooth; its a device with the ability to display real life information thanks to a prism and it works both through the voice command “Ok glass” and touch gestures in the side panel, etc. In this article,  we’ll analyze the design characteristics of Google Glass’ OS and identify its flaws to know what improvements can be made to it. (more…)

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iOS7 flat icons: evolution from unicolor to multicolor design

Evolution flat icons

A good creative mind cannot afford to think the continuous chatter that flat design is water off a duck’s back. Even something so simplistic like flat design is continuously moving forward, and examples can be noted all around the web; even more now that the 3 monsters Microsoft, Google and Apple are using it. In this post, we will give some background about flat design evolution, and then we will go into the case of iOS7 icons, in which we are seeing the maximum exponents and, in a certain way, defenders of the widely known skeuomorphic design, who recently made a 180° twist.


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Flat icons: avoiding semantic mistakes when creating them

avoiding semantic mistakes in flat icons


There’s no doubt that icons are an essential part of any website, and as one of the most important features, their function is to give a visual touch to a structure which, otherwise, would be plain text and lines. Icons are powerful visual tools that usually represent something out there in the real world; they are good at portraying and explaining things to new users -better than word do- and when they’re used correctly, they can transmit a message without requiring a lot of space. Images are easily recognizable, and the brain can process them faster than words; they reduce the amount of information the brain needs to deal with, thus making the process of icon creation a fundamental part of every website. (more…)

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The road to flat: making icon aesthetics more expressive


Hello everyone! Today we want to go over a big and notorious change in visual styles for graphical user interfaces (GUI) and web design going on right now amid several background circumstances. In a decade, computers have become more portable, and the classic PC (including its three main species: Windows, Mac and Linux based systems) ceased to be the most popular device: mobile phones and tablets came to be preferred, since today they bring enough processing power, portability and memory capacity to fully support rich applications and Internet browsing.


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Master pixel perfect design


Hello Shock Followers, let’s consider for a while the importance of mastering  pixel perfect design as a way of  boosting the quality of our designs and consequently marketing ourselves as great professional designers and developers, that’s what we will be discussing in this opportunity: the basic tips to achieve a clean and visually consistent product, either in icon design, application development or web design, through the implementation of pixel perfect design practices.


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15.000 iPhone icons. An Incredible Freebie

Hello everyone! Just as you enjoy downloading free stuff, we enjoy giving freebies away! That’s why today we want to present this awesome and complete set of iPhone icons for you to use in your next projects, your website, your mobile apps or just to decorate your desktop! This set features pixel perfect icons, even in smaller sizes…


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Icon design, the ultimate guide

Everyday we’re permanently interacting with icons, from the TV to the metro station and our mobile, icons are present everywhere as an important element that helps people interact with their surroundings without using any spoken or written language. Creating an icon is a whole science that hundreds study, from semiotics to graphic languages, understanding how to represent something and make it universally understandable is a complete learning process.

Today we want to share our experience here at Iconshock and bring you a complete handbook that will show you all the steps that creating an icon leads, from listening to the client’s needs to defining the fittest style, this article will show you how to begin and conclude an icon design process successfully.

Icon design


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Icon sets, 150+ best designs

Icons have definitely become one of the most useful resources to implement in web design thanks to their lightweight and high communication level. Ranging from truly minimal creations to realistic and big designs that can barely be considered icons as they’re more a piece of art themselves, icons offer many different styles to satisfy all the people’s needs. On this countdown we’ve gathered the greatest icon sets that were released throughout these past twelve months (some sets were released before that period but we just could not leave them out of this list) with the only purpose of supply you a high shot of inspiration that will help you understand the true meaning of icons as powerful communication tools that should never miss in any good web design.


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Content management system icons

Great Content Management system icons in Perspective style if you want to check more icons on this style take a peek on our entire perspective collection http://goo.gl/v80Cy



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